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mobile-menu1Nowadays one of the main concerns of who bought packaging is the durability of its products after packed, therefore in this regard Majicplast Embalagens holds technology and equipment allowing us to fabricate laminated packaging solvent free that besides helping the enviroment brings less contamination risks to the ones who uses it.

Another worries remains in regards of neatness, organization and assiduity of its workers in the handling of the packaging, we hold manuals of good practice of fabrication in which all the involved are commited to the estabilished rules.To exemplify: All the workers wears hair bonnet and when occasionaly going to the rest room will wear hygienics completely using sterilized products. The whole plant holds mosquitos prevention tissue and parasitiside all over the place we also hold contract with reputable pesticide firm .

We work with BOPP aluminium pelicule, polyester,nylon, monolitic paper, polyethene, polypropilene, coextruded with 5 layers to attend the most variety kind of segments.

We also have developing research staff to achieve always the better structure there, is in order to keep your products as long as possible in conservation.